Why choose Synergy as your business partner?

Funding based on revenue, not on personal credit.

Synergy Business Solutions provides business owners with the working capital they need to grow. We provide you with the financing tools you need to buy inventory, launch marketing campaigns, upgrade equipment, hire staff, make renovations, or any other purpose you see fit.

We provide a fast and easy funding process so that business owners like yourself can focus on growing your business.

We treat you with the utmost respect and confidentiality, like a partner not just a client. We go to great lengths to understand the needs of your business. We are constantly striving to provide the best quality service. We encourage you to explore our website and give us a call to obtain all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Synergy Business Solutions has always been 100% focused on small businesses.

Helping More Businesses

We've helped thousands of businesses get the capital they needed when they needed it, in order to grow and succeed. That's why majority of our clients return to become repeat customers.

Here for the Long Haul

While a bunch of " here today, gone tomorrow " competitors might be banging down your door to offer funding, keep in mind that almost none of them will be around for long. Synergy takes great pride in building long term relationships based on our proven track record to produce results.

A Personal Touch

Other financial institutions only see business owners' worth on paper. Here at Synergy we are different. We get to know our clients as individuals. Because of that, more of our merchants grow and succeed.
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