Cash Advance for Small Business

business cash advanceSynergy Business Solutions if one of the most trusted names for small business cash advances. If you are having a temporary difficulty with cash flow, we make the process of getting you the cash you need fast. This will allow you to get your small business back on track. We support the growth of small business and we make the process easy so you can have the flexibility to use the cash for the things you need it for.

How it works:

Credit scores are not always a consideration with this type of loan. The advantage is we look at the strength of your business primarily base our decision on past and future credit card receipts. We do not take an equity stake in your business and we do not need a personal guarantee or collateral. We also do not require fixed monthly repayments. Business cash advances are repaid while following the revenue trend of your business. Synergy Business Solutions only gets paid when you sell and get paid. The cash advance is repaid automatically through Visa and MasterCard sales.

Here are some of the advantages in obtaining a small business cash advance

-No Personal Guarantees required

-No Collateral required

-Business plan required

- No Audited tax returns required

- We never use your cash receipts for your repayment

If your small business is in need of a cash infusion. Call us today for a fast, easy and quick approval from Synergy business Solutions.